Sunday, November 30, 2008


Somebody sent me this very interesting commercial for Barclaycard recently, and I liked it so much that I wish to share it with my readers. Watching this video makes me miss life in the UK!

In the SPL, Celtic continued its winning run by defeating Inverness CT 1-0; Maloney (29) scoring the solitary goal.

Arsenal has a crucial game that they just cannot afford to lose - but the worry is that they are facing mighty Chelsea at 1600 GMT today - which is just a couple of hours away. Can we take comfort in Arsene Wenger's words? "We are written off. You cannot say when you are 10 points behind that we are favourites to win the championship, but you can say as well the only way we can get back into it is to believe we can. That is why we want to go into this game on Sunday by believing we can beat them because we know we can. That is all you want your players to do." That mighty word "believe" can weave magic for Arsenal if they believe in themselves. And I believe they can do it! They must!

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