Friday, November 28, 2008

Recruiting Now!

I have begun to earnestly look for teaching staff for ADP and the next 3 weeks will be filled with interviews and more interviews, and even more interviews. In fact, I am keen to recruit lecturers of all disciplines - this is how dire my need is. But I acknowledge this is not going to be easy since we have tried for many months but nothing came of it. Maybe, I will have better luck to land myself with a good catch of qualified lecturers. Let me qualify "qualified" - qualified in terms of academic qualifications and industry experience, as well as possessing that most important qualification of all: passion!.Many will say this is a tall order - but what the hell, I am game for this kind of challenge!
I just found out that Chee Hong is really into chess! Wow, that's great because it means that I can also start playing chess again. It's been years since I last played the game. It's funny but it seems that at HICT, I am re-discovering all those activities that I was interested in but have given up for reasons that even now I am not so sure why. Writing was one of them that I mentioned last month, and now, it's chess.

Mathew has reported that todate, we have now shipped out 536 of the "Out of the Blues" CDs. So far, the bulk of the sales can be attributed to the tireless efforts of members of two clubs: the Young Entrepreneurs Club and the Edith Cowan Business Club. Syabas to all of them! And I am sure we can still sell more!

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