Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Great Weekend!

Some quick updates.

HICT students have pushed a total of 162 copies of the “Out of the Blues” CD as of yesterday (November 08, 2008). Sales have been encouraging, and in the absence of any publicity, except for a blog and simple A4-sized posters in the campus, it is just personal selling that’s yielding the sales.

On the football front, Celtic walloped Motherwell 2-0; goals that sealed the latter's fate came from Hartley (45) and McDonald (71).
Liverpool beat West Brom by 3 goals to nil (A double from Keane, 34 and 43, and Arbeloa, 90+3). And Arsenal defied all odds to beat Manchester United 2-1; both goals superbly coming from Nasri (22 and 48). Well, at least the two English teams have redeemed themselves, but these matches can be really nerve-wrecking. My heart was beating fast and furious, and I was frequently on the edge of my seat. It was worth it, though, but hopefully, there will not be too many matches like these… Still, it's good to see teams that refuse to meekly surrender, and even in the face of difficult odds, they can triumph. No such thing as rolling over and playing dead...

And finally the good news that the Shah Alam High Court has ordered blogger Raja Petra Kamarudin's immediate release from his ISA detention. Syed Hamid Albar should not be so cavalier about using this law for frivolous reasons! And with this plethora of good news, it sure was another great weekend for me!

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