Friday, June 25, 2021

Plush Lookalikes

I'm not a pet person but I know there are people who keep pets and absolutely adore them. 

I suppose there's nothing quite like your pet. They soothe, they're smooth, and they're worthy of a smooch. Every one of them is unique and in a way, they're irreplaceable. 

Toy creators at Petsies ( multiply the joy by creating replicas of pets, just in case you want to have two of the same, or commemorate the precious memory of a pet who "crossed the rainbow bridge". 

In fact, they claim to specialize in all pets, big and small – the designers and seamstresses custom-make and hand-sew every Petsies plush to match your pet's likeness. 

They don't just stamp out one toy after another without putting much thought into it. They personalize each detail individually, and if your pet has their own unique quirks, they will happily add them to the stuffed animal. The whole process takes patience, so it takes around six weeks for them to create a single plushie. 

And to prove it, they post side-by-side comparisons on their Instagram – it is even said that sometimes the pets act as if the plush lookalike was their own little sibling.

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