Tuesday, June 15, 2021

"The Last Supper" in a G7 Setting

Let me say here that I've no interest whatsoever in G7 goings-on. 

I'm not at all bothered with cliques like the G7 because they are nothing more than talk shops with pre-determined agendas. And more often than not, they’re manipulated by the United States. 

In the case of the G7 summit (June 11-13, 2021) hosted by the UK – it has been branded a ‘colossal failure’ as promises on climate, aid and vaccines fell short. 

Still, one outcome of this assembly of elitist countries had been to put China under the spotlight, following bare-faced attempts by the US to rally allies against the country. 

And not surprisingly, China received a scolding. Issues related to Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Taiwan as well as "forced labor" and "unilateral attempts to change the status quo" in the East and South China Seas were pinpointed but it is said that overall, the language avoided harsh rhetoric. 

That may be so but it is still slander! 

I suppose China can take comfort in the fact that the communiqué is only a document containing mere words that won’t carry any weight anyway.

But what caught my attention was a satirical art work mocking the G7 and which went viral on Chinese social media on Sunday: 

Titled The Last G7, this illustration by a Chinese artist “Bantonglaoatang” on Sina Weibo on Saturday was based on the renowned religious mural The Last Supper, which depicted Jesus sharing the last meal with his apostles before his crucifixion. 

Bantonglaoatang painted nine animals – representing the US, the UK, Italy, Canada, Japan, Germany, France, Australia and India – all gathering around a table with a Chinese-map-shaped cake on it. On top of the painting is the words in quote: "Through this we can still rule the world". 

Wearing a bowler hat with an American flag on it, a bald eagle sits in the middle – obviously it is the convenor of the meal. 

In front of the bald eagle there is a small banknote printing machine and a bill on the table. The machine is churning out greenbacks from toilet paper, and the number on the bill gets bigger and bigger – from $2 trillion to $8 trillion. 

There is also an iron hook under its feet, and two pieces of cotton with blood near its hands on the table. According to a vlogger nicknamed “sharp-tongued pumpkin” who had analyzed the drawing, suggests “the US’ capital accumulation was built on racial oppression”. 

The bald eagle image shows today’s aggressive yet feeble US is trapped in its growing debt crisis and racial conflicts, but still points fingers at China, “sharp-tongued pumpkin” pointed out. 

Sitting on the left of the bald eagle is a grey wolf, wearing a cap with an Italian flag on it. The wolf waves its hands as if saying “No” to the US’ suggestions to jointly demonize China. After all, Italy is the first European country to join China’s Belt and Road Initiative and therefore, reluctant to oppose China. 

Next to the wolf is an Akita dog representing Japan. Without a seat, it is busy serving the others a “drink” – pouring green radioactive slop (Fukushima waste water) into the glasses of those present. 

Sitting next to the dog is a kangaroo, which is stretching its left hand to the banknotes that the US is printing, while grasping a bag in its right hand. The kangaroo symbolizes Australia – and it is actively cooperating with the US to provoke China, but yet eager to earn money from China, its largest trading partner. 

On the left corner stands a black hawk, which obviously represents Germany as its pose is almost the same as that of German Chancellor Angela Merkel in a 2018 photo at the then G7 summit. Germany, as well as the rooster (representing France) sit silently on the right side – and according to netizens, seem to show less enthusiasm for US propaganda. 

On the right side of the table also sits a lion and a nutria, respectively representing the UK and Canada. The nutria, wearing a red coat with images of marijuana on it, holds a doll in its hand. Many netizens believe the doll represents Huawei’s CFO Meng Wanzhou, who is still unreasonably detained in Canada. 

On the right corner of the table sits an elephant (representing India) that is on a drip like a patient. 

And under the table there is a frog holding banknotes in its hands, trying to jump as high as possible to reach the table and give the cash to the US. Some netizens pointed out that the little frog symbolizes the separatist authority from the province of Taiwan. 

I find these interpretations interesting and if I may add, spot on. 

As for China, I reckon it’ll just do its own thing as it sees fit! It doesn't care what other countries think. 

And G7 should know that the misguided Western sense of 'righteousness' cannot apply in that country because the Chinese people can easily see through Western hypocrisy. 

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