Monday, June 28, 2021

'Bread Steak' As Alternative to Meat

If you’re into a plant-based diet, there are many meat substitutes to choose from on the market. 

From jackfruit to tempeh, tofu to classic veggie burgers, the options are endless for vegans, vegetarians and eco-friendly eaters.

Sure, you have plenty of choices – but what if you’re craving for a steak? 

Well, instead of choosing a slab of fake meat or cauliflower, one journalist, David Tamarkin, has shared his unlikely alternative. 

He opts for a "bread steak", essentially a pan-fried piece of bread covered in parmesan. To put it in another way, it is cheese on toast. 

Writing for Bon Appétit magazine, Tamarkin called the creation "My Vegetarian Steak Swap". 

He described it as: "A custard-soaked, Parmesan-crusted chunk of sourdough – essentially savory French toast – that really is decadent in the vein of a rib eye. It's fatty. It's salty. And if you do it right, it's downright meaty". 

Food website Basically shared a photo of the steak to Instagram, captioning the post: "When @davidtamarkin stopped eating steak, he still craved a slab of something lavish at the center of his plate – and a cauliflower 'steak' just wasn't going to cut it”. 

The recipe has so far received nearly 14,000 likes and many have rushed to the comments section to share their surprise at what it entails. 

One Instagram user, clementine__consort, wrote: "Y'all are really trying to convince people that cheesy bread tastes like steak.... thank you for starting my day off with a laugh".

“So French toast is the Wagyu equivalent”, joked another, in reference to the highly-prized Japanese beef.

"Petition to ban the word “bread steak” from ever being said again. #itstoast", argued another.

Le.lambivert stated: "I'm sure it tastes f***ing awesome but this ain't steak. Don't even try to advertise it as a substitute". 

Narin_mac85 joked: "Whenever I feel like I haven't had enough vegetables in my diet I just cut my steak into the shape of broccoli. That way it satisfies my vegetable cravings without having to eat vegetables”. 

Meanwhile, some on Twitter, where the recipe also found itself, took the time to point out that the steak was not actually suitable for non meat-eaters. 

Jonathnhoey_81 wrote: "It's also not vegetarian (Parmesan cheese, by any useful definition of vegetarianism, never is because they kill the cow to make it)”.

Another added: "It sounds like very delicious toast but it is not a steak! there are so many meat alternatives out there now, just buy one of those if you want a steak!!"

I agree! It's NOT steak and it can NEVER be!

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