Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Fashion Needs to Be Seen in Real Life, Says Giorgio Armani

Ciao! Milan’s Men’s Fashion Week (June 18-22) is nowhere near the usual 40-plus schedule of 'live' shows – but anyway, it did see Giorgio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Etro putting on physical spectacles in the Italian fashion capital. 

As Italy’s second largest industry with pre-Covid turnover hitting the €100 billion mark, Armani (right) said fashion week would “be fundamental” in helping the Italian economy recover following the pandemic. He hosted his first physical fashion show in 16 months on Monday – the spring/summer 2022 menswear show. 

Like the rest of the fashion industry, due to the coronavirus, the veteran designer pivoted to showing his collections in a digital format as opposed to in front of the 200+ strong crowd he is used to – but has “realized that fashion cannot survive for long in an exclusively virtual form”. 

“I appreciate the importance of virtual presentations; they are useful and global”, he added. “[But] fashion needs to be seen in real life…”. 

“The digital fashion show is fake”, said Domenico Dolce (right) alongside his co-designer Stefano Gabbana, whose 94-model show on Saturday was their first since September. 

“It’s not a fashion show to do it digitally, between post-production and everything you lose the show. For us, the show is the moment the clothes connect with people and we [also] get a feeling of what people think about the clothes”. 

Kean Etro (left), creative director of Etro menswear, who staged his spring/summer 2022 show at an outside location on Sunday, concurred. “You can record what you want and you can stream it, but to [really] represent yourself, we need to see each other”. 

I can appreciate the sentiments expressed. 

Public speaking is the same too. As a speaker, it is vital to create connection with the audience. And nothing beats being in a real physical setting. With real people.

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