Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wantan Mee to Die For

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Malaysians, I am sure, are familiar with wantan mee – and just like nasi lemak – it is a versatile meal that you can eat during breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper. 

And yes, the typical Malaysian eats four times a day, in case you don’t know. 

Just so you know, wantan mee is not confined to this country but is also available in neighboring countries. 

So this restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand made the news because it had decided to take wantan mee to the next level by hugely increasing its portion and throwing in a food challenge! 

According to China Press, this bowl of noodles consists of massive amounts of char siew (Chinese-style BBQ pork), vegetables and succulent wantans (also spelled wontons) – not to mention, a generous amount of noodles. I am salivating just looking at the size of this dish – more so since I have not had breakfast!

Image credit: China Press

This humongous bowl of wantan mee is priced at 250 baht (about RM31) and it can easily feed up to three people, based on my eating capacity, that is. 

Currently, there’s an ongoing challenge at the restaurant – if you can finish this heavyweight meal by yourself – your meal will be completely FREE. 

[Note: In case you’re wondering, yes, they do serve normal portions of wantan mee too. Oh, if you do not wish to partake your meal there, you can have it as a take-away].

Image credit: China Press

Needless to say, this lavish wantan mee had made an explosive appearance on social media and to be sure, it attracted many Malaysian netizens’ attention. 

“Are you free this weekend? We can make a road trip to Bangkok and take on this challenge”, a netizen said after tagging his friend in the comment section. 

If you’re keen on paying them a visit – you will need this info: 

Restaurant name: บะหมี่ล้มยักษ์ ท่าน้ำนนท์ 
Operating hours: 10am – 6pm daily; closed on Mondays  
Google maps: บะหมี่ล้มยักษ์ ท่าน้ำนนท์, 11000 Bangkok

On Sunday, Liverpool met Manchester City at Anfield in a fast-flowing EPL game. 

Both teams delivered goals and you can sense the palpable excitement throughout the match. As Jurgen Klopp described it: Two teams, full throttle. 

The Reds’ bounty came from Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (9), Roberto Firmino (59), Sadio Mane (61) and Mohamed Salah (68) – the last three of which came in an eight-minute quick-fire spell. The Blues replied through Leroy Sané (40), Bernardo Silva (84) and Ilkay Gündogan (90+1). 

And beating the runaway league leaders after a 22-match unbeaten run is scintillatingly brilliant. More so, a seven-goal thriller! 

A well-deserved win for Liverpool – especially following Philippe Coutinho's departure. 

[Note: Coutinho's £142m transfer to Barcelona went through last week Monday]. 

Something for fans to chew on. Liverpool have scored 85 goals in all competitions this season – just seven shy of the tally they managed in the whole of last season (92). 

We have now moved up to third in the table, level on points with Manchester United in second and fourth-placed Chelsea.

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