Thursday, January 18, 2018

BN's Great Expectations in Sabah

For GE14, I am not putting much faith in Sabah – insofar as Pakatan Harapan chances are concerned. 

The opposition bloc is not only up against the mighty BN but have to contend with the disparate forces which are made up of local opposition parties. And they are so many of them. Warisan, Parti Anak Sabah, Parti Cinta Sabah, Parti Harapan Rakyat Sabah, PKS and Gabungan Sabah (consisting of Harapan Rakyat, STAR, Parti Perpaduan Rakyat Sabah and SAPP) and to be sure, others. 

I don’t think I am able to keep track of all of them. And this is because switching sides is a favorite pastime of politicians here. It would seem that this malaise is contagious. 

Besides the fact there are just too many frogs.

Let me identify some of these more well-known amphibians. 

We know that PKR, at one time, were swarmed with frogs. Penampang MP Darrel Leiking hopped to Warisan. So too did Terrence Siambun of Moyog. Wilfred Bumburing of Tamparuli and Lajim Ukin of Klias jumped ship to set up their own respective parties, PCS and Harapan. Assemblypersons Jeremy Malajad of Kadamaian and Jailani Hamdan of Matunggong also ditched the party and declared themselves as independents. 

DAP too have their share of frogs. Junz Wong of Likas skipped to Warisan. Edwin Bosi of Kapayan left for Parti Anak Sabah. Hiew King Chew of Luyang crossed over to BN after selling his soul to MCA. 

Thomas Anggan walked out on PBS and started PKS. 

And Jaujan Sambukong of Sulabayan showed his finger to UMNO and went over to Warisan. 

I am certain frogs will continue to play a big part in Sabah’s political landscape. One thing I know is that in this state, nothing is really permanent – only because frogs are most prolific here. Not just in PKR. Or DAP. But everywhere.

This brings to my point that the opposition in Sabah is wretchedly fractured. And therefore, hopelessly divided. 

The truth of the matter is Sabah BN are heading into GE14 on a very confident note, holding 21 of the 25 parliamentary seats and 48 of the 60 state constituencies. 

Still, I must not give up hope. I cannot be disillusioned. More importantly, I shall pray that Sabahans can get their act together. Surely, they have had enough of BN? 

Wake up, Sabahans. It is time to kick them out! Enough is enough!

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