Saturday, January 20, 2018

Tobacco Industry's Sneaky Move

The tobacco industry in Malaysia just conjured another sneaky plan to push cancer sticks to the public. 

They had the audacity to recommend that they be allowed to market smaller packs of cigarettes – known as “kiddie packs”. Professedly to reduce the volume of illegal cigarettes in the market. Ostensibly to provide a legal alternative to smuggled cigarettes. 

And British American Tobacco (M) Bhd brazenly came out with a public statement – as reported by The Edge yesterday – that the proposal was not intended to increase the number of smokers in the country and that their innocuous suggestion had been taken out of context! 

LOL! Who are they trying to kid? 


If I read this news report correctly, BAT was quoted to have said that the very sizeable presence of black-market cigarettes in Malaysia is the main factor frustrating and undermining the health agenda in Malaysia. 

Meaning, they prefer that Malaysians die because of legal cigarettes rather than illegal cigarettes. They themselves want to profit through smokers’ untimely deaths. Simply put, they are death merchants!

Health Minister Dr S Subramaniam had already announced on Thursday that the government would not support the proposal to allow “kiddie packs”. He labelled it as an excuse. 

He also said if the government agreed to the move, it would be against the National Tobacco Policy and Article 8 of the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. 

BAT even had the nerve to make the smart ass claim that the cigarette black market growth has outpaced all enforcement and education efforts. 

We, of course, know that both enforcement and education have failed miserably. But that is due to corruption and stupidity respectively. 

BAT and other tobacco companies will do the country a big favor if they just leave the country. They are not welcomed here.

I was at THE POD in Sunway Putra Mall the other day. I came across these figurines in a CNY setting. And they remind me that the Lunar New Year is nearing.

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