Sunday, January 21, 2018

Mahathir Mohamad Told He’s Old and About to Die

Now that Mahathir Mohamad has returned to politics  opposition politics, at that – and the fact that he is very much in the thick of it, the 92-year old has become everybody’s favorite punching bag!

Already, government preacher Zamihan Mat Zin (left) is wishing Mahathir Mohamad to die. 

He said this when he launched a thinly-veiled attack on the latter just because he is making a political comeback. The former advocated that at Mahathir’s age, the former prime minister should instead enrol in a madrasah and spend time in prayer. 

“When we were in power, we did all sorts of things. We issued statements that hurt the people’s feelings… that took lives of the people. But when others are in charge, we say they are not right, not progressive” – he told news portal Watan Online

He said Mahathir should stay out of politics and repent “for all his past mistakes”. And do charitable deeds for the hereafter. 

“Stop thinking about politics when you’re old and about to die”, he pointedly told the PH chairperson in the Facebook Live interview. 

[Note: Zamihan is an officer with the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) but is seconded to the home ministry]. 

I venture to suggest that maybe, Mahathir's return to active politics is a form of repentence. He wants to make amends for his misdeeds. And if he wants to do it  why not? Even Mahathir deserves a second chance.

Zamihan is a Muslim in name only because he only knows how to speak ill of another person. Preacher, konon! He talks about religion as if he has a monopoly over it. Ptui! 

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Their goals came from James Forrest (2), Scott Sinclair (11), Olivier Ntcham (49), Dedryck Boyata (56) and Odsonne Edouard (86).

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