Friday, January 26, 2018

Shithole Donald Trump

Donald Trump just loves to mock, taunt and ridicule. 

In a January 11, 2018 meeting with a bipartisan group of senators at the White House  discussing whether they should accept more immigrants from some countries – the US President had referred to Haiti, El Salvador and Africa as "shithole countries". 

The invective was reported by The Washington Post and the world recoiled in consternation and horror at Trump’s reckless and undignified insult. 

The country’s diplomats around the world were summoned for formal reproach and the 55-nation African Union labelled Trump’s vilification as being “clearly racist”. 

But an independent marketing site that promotes tourism in Africa is using the above and turning it into a slick communication campaign. 

A Zambia tourism Facebook page featured an advert which read: “Visit s****hole Zambia. Where the only stars and stripes you’ll have to see are in the sky and on a zebra!” 

“Where beautiful vistas and breathtaking wildlife are our trump card! 

*DISCLAIMER: This post does not represent the opinions of the official Zambia Tourism Agency, but that of an independent marketing site”. 

[NOTE: The said post is not claiming to represent the opinions of the official Zambia Tourism Agency. And it has received thousands of likes and shares]. 

The Gondwana Collection, a private tourism operator in Namibia, too, got into the act and released a video on Facebook lampooning the alleged Trump derogation.

Their managing director, Gys Joubert, told the Associated Press: “You can fight the negative with the negative, or you can give some pushback with the tongue-in-cheek approach”.

But the biggest shithole is really Donald Trump!

On Thursday afternoon, I attended a Service Source Toastmasters meeting. I was there as the General Evaluator.

This was my maiden visit to this club and I am glad I went.

'Twas a really good meeting. Thank you, Charan Sidhu for the invite!

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