Sunday, January 21, 2018

Education Minister Threatens Teachers

Teachers and Education Ministry officers have been warned not to support the opposition, Kwong Wah reported on Friday. 

According to Malaysia’s Chinese language newspaper, Education Minister Mahdzir Khalid threatened disciplinary action against them if they insist on backing the opposition. 

Civil servants, education department officers and teachers are barred from joining any opposition party or criticizing the government. If they refused to comply, that would be tantamount to sabotaging and tarnishing the government’s image – he had added. 

The Padang Terap MP said those who were against the government should resign before the ministry asked them to do so. 

“We won’t allow any of our officers to join any opposition party or hold any party post. But it’s okay if they were to join the government”, Mahdzir asserted. WTF! 

GE14 is imminent. It’s going to be a close fight. Therefore, the profusion of threats and trickery from BN. 

The desperation builds up. The alarm shows. The fear is real. 

Malaysians, please make EVERY VOTE COUNT!

And the Minister should watch his mouth!

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