Thursday, October 30, 2014

The Interest in Tiny Houses

The other day (i.e. last Friday) I blogged about this shoebox (sorry, house) in Islington, London that was sold at an astronomical price. Believe it or not but the interest in tiny homes is increasing.
For some people, it is an interest in beautiful bits of bespoke ingenuity, built by specialist architects and sold to those with an active interest in living with as little stuff and as little impact on the built and wider environment as possible. Of course, these can be off-grid, self-sustaining, portable or fixed dwellings and more importantly, they give a reassuring sense of homely comfort.
In fact, please feel free to check out these interesting and informative websites:,,, and many others that populate the cloud. 
In the US of A, I read that there is a “tiny house movement” – a small house usually being defined as one offering less than 400 sq ft of space – is gaining greater traction as ever more people choose to downsize for economic or ecological reasons.
I reckon we should wise up and embrace this same idea here in Malaysia.
On Monday, I was supposed to be at Universiti Malaya because I had a speaking slot at the Toastmasters meeting there – but at 03:46 PM, Heng Jing Yi informed me that the meeting was cancelled.
I must be lucky because I was given another speaking slot at MidValley Cititel and it was there that I delivered a “Sell a Product” speech from the Specialty Speeches manual. 
I decided to make my speech very different – you are correct if you describe it as “wacky” – and I even injected a generous dosage of humor. Certainly, the speech met its objectives.

Anyway, this was very much done on the spur of the moment and I think I did well with my speech that was titled “Victor Ong, Ghostbuster”! Sometimes, I can be so creative that I can even blow myself away!
Overall, the MidValley Toastmasters meeting was a fun meeting – although it was draggy in the beginning. Still I am giving this meeting a score of a 6.5 over 10.


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