Friday, October 24, 2014

UK's Smallest Home is Very Pricey


Credit: SWNS
Floating stairs lead from a worktop to a mezzanine sleeping area. Credit: SWNS
Malaysians complain about the high prices of properties and I don’t blame them. But really, real estate value in Malaysia still lags behind the rest of Asia.
And just to put things in perspective, read this story about Britain's smallest home – which is less than half the size of a train carriage.
The converted flower shop has just 188 sq ft of space and is a fifth of the size of the average new build. It features a bed on a mezzanine, a tiny bathroom and an open plan kitchen and living area.
Yet there was no shortage of interest, with more than 220,000 people viewing the adverts on property sites Rightmove and Zoopla. And after a flurry of enquiries and a number of offers, the house, in Islington, north London, was sold.
While real estate agency Winkworth would not confirm the agreed sale price or the buyers, the property had been put on the market for £275,000.
The typical properties they sell range between 1,400 sq ft and 2,200 sq ft – so the price is exorbitant for a house that size! It is said that the average value of a home in the UK is purportedly £275,000.
Nonetheless, Malaysians can be expected to continue complaining because we are Malaysians, after all!
Yesterday, I was at Angkasapuri – the headquarters for Radio Television Malaysia (RTM) – to attend a demo meeting of the proposed EOM Toastmasters Club. I took the opportunity to deliver CC speech #5 and my evaluator was Money Mastery's CP Lau. The speech was only just passable and this was because my focus strayed. Still, it was a good meeting even though we could have exercised better time management.






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