Friday, May 30, 2014

BN Generosity in By-election

The Teluk Intan by-election is seeing the generosity of the  BN government giving out freebies and making promises in order to canvass votes.

Communications and Multimedia Minister Ahmad Shabery Cheek promised to improve the constituency's broadband. Federal Territory Minister Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor promised the local Indian community a crematorium and a wedding hall. Home Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi told volunteer corps Rela members they would get new uniforms if BN wins. 

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin on May 25 had launched the RM5 billion West Coast Expressway during the campaign and urging the people to give his government credit. 

Two days earlier, Ipoh Barat MP DAP’s M Kulasegaran claimed BN gave out hampers worth RM150 each to families at the Nova Scotia Estate in Teluk Intan the day before. 

There was a Malaysiakini report on Monday that a Teluk Intan resident had made the claim that Wanita UMNO Chief Shahrizat Abdul Jalil visited her in Taman Semarak bearing cash amounting to RM500 and supplies in return for her vote. 

I am sure there are many other instances of gift-giving – a favourite tactic of BN. 

The Election Offences Act 1954 states clearly that a person involved in activities that may influence voters is guilty of vote buying and bribery. Why are BN still indulging in the above? That's a foolish question. Otherwise, how else can BN win? Duh! 

There’s more. The BN candidate is promising a university for Teluk Intan, community centers in every village and housing area, as well as other goodies. 

And of course the Prime Minister himself made a commitment – a Cabinet appointment awaits Gerakan’s Mah Siew Keong if he wins the by-election tomorrow.

On the other hand, DAP's Dyana Sofya is fighting for a better Malaysia for all Malaysians. 

On Wednesday afternoon, I was at the MAS Kompleks B in Subang to attend the MAS Finance Toastmasters meeting. The club president had invited me to deliver a speech and I gratefully accepted. I did CC speech #2 titled “Crazy People” – this assignment is part of my Project 15 – and Emil Anthony was also my dedicated evaluator.

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