Saturday, May 31, 2014

BN Wins Teluk Intan by 238 Votes

It was a cliff-hanger ending for the Teluk Intan by-election with BN's Mah Siew Keong winning by a mere 238 votes. He garnered 20,157 votes against his opponent DAP's Dyana Sofya, who received 19,919 votes. There were 550 spoilt votes. 

The final official voter turnout was 66.7% with 40,236 of 60,438 registered voters coming out to cast their ballots. The previous general election saw an 80.7% voter turnout. (Note: The numbers don’t add up though???). 

Of course, I am very disappointed with the Teluk Intan result today. Like it or not, I will have to respect the democratic process and accept the fact that this buy-election went in BN’s favor. Bribery still works. 

Still, DAP may have lost the battle but not the war. Stay strong, Dyana! 

On Wednesday evening, I was in Brickfields to deliver another CC speech #3 titled “Happy Days” and I was evaluated by Sylvia Tan. The speech title was given by the Toastmaster-of-the-Evening since I couldn’t furnish him with one. It was incidentally the meeting’s theme. Still, I was voted Best Speaker and overall, a good meeting was had by all. A 7.5 over 10. 

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