Thursday, May 17, 2012

Vote and Monitor

I just cannot shake off the image of the troupe of ex-soldiers-turned-arse-performers. These guys were determined to make fools of themselves in public through the juvenile act of bending over and shaking their bums as a protest against Ambiga. Anyway, just as quickly, another image has intruded to turn my disquieting embarrassment into derisory hysteria. Just view the photos of “bottoms” above and check out the picture at the bottom (no pun intended!).

Electoral reform movement Bersih has launched a two-prong ‘vote and monitor’ campaign to address the vexatious state of the electoral system, in particular the electoral roll. Hmm, does this mean that Ambiga and company are not ready to call for Bersih 4.0?

Given that the Parliamentary Select Committee on electoral reforms has been a dismal failure and the Election Commission is “untrustworthy” because UMNO has infiltrated it – it has come to the point where the rakyat must rise up and reclaim their right to clean and fair elections. Only by coming to vote in numbers can they hope to neutralise electoral fraud, which in many cases involved phantom voters who flood electoral districts to tip the balance in favour of the UMNO cheats.

Every single Malaysian who has already registered as a voter must come out to vote! Vote for a new government that is clean and fair. It’s not asking much, is it?

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