Friday, May 25, 2012

Trying Thursday

Thursday was another trying day, being caught up in a frantic flurry of activities, and I am not even referring to the usual ‘business school’ meetings I am involved in.

First on the agenda was the belated birthday lunch for colleague Chong Soon Meng. At Sunway Pyramid. Pappa Rich to be precise. I took some photos:

Second, I was at the Graduate Center for a special dialogue session organized by Sunway University in collaboration with the Institute for Democracy & Economic Affairs (IDEAS) that touched on the role of education in promoting democracy. An interesting talk that had Saifuddin Abdullah, Deputy Minister of Higher Education 2 and Tunku Abidin Muhriz, IDEAS Founder-President as the two speakers, and Ramon Navaratnam as the moderator.

Some of the more memorable statements made by Saifuddin in particular were revealing. These included “I am not allergic to demonstrations”; “Big change must come from the rakyat”; and I especially love his own creative spin on Abraham Lincoln’s famous quote: "government of the people, by the people , for the people” to become “government off the people, buy the people, force the people”! I clapped loudly. Saifuddin is one cool dude – too bad he is in the wrong party!

Third, I was at PJ New Town to attend the IEM Toastmasters where I took up the Grammarian role. A decent meeting and the only speech that made me sit up was the one delivered by Tejinder Singh. I shall give a score of 5 for this meeting.

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