Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Derek Ong's Proposal Defense

Colleague Derek Ong has tasked his students (those taking STA2024/ BMB2209 Research Methods) to actually take the plunge – do research and then produce a conference-ready paper. Last Wednesday, the students broke up into groups and did their proposal defense – after having developed their research proposals. I was there with a class of SUBS colleagues to assist Derek. Here at SUBS, it is not just about learning – equally important is the doing.

This morning, in my BMB3303 International Marketing lecture, I had two colleagues undertake a Peer Review Assessment – the purpose was to provide me with feedback on my teaching as part of the performance development process that I am initiating in SUBS’s Department of Marketing and Business. The duo sat in my class for at least an hour to observe me – one is from my own Department (Elizabeth Andrews) and the other is from another Department (i.e. Manjeet Kaur from the Department of Management and Economics).

There was the Money & You Toastmasters meeting yesterday which I attended. Although, there were only fifteen of us – Kitti Chang and gang made sure the meeting was lavished with a vigorous vibrancy that one often associates with this particular club. I would still award this meeting a 7.5 out of a 10 score because I have enjoyed myself.

Scottish Premier League Champions Celtic FC lost 0-1 to Dundee United in their Sunday 06 May match. This was Celtic’s last away match.

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