Friday, May 25, 2012

Government Sues Ambiga

Najib’s government is certainly not shy to show how painfully pathetic it is. It decided to sue Bersih co-chairperson S Ambiga and nine others for RM122,000 over damages to vehicles sustained during the April 28 Bersih 3.0 protest. The suit, filed on May 15, claimed that ten cars, three motorcycles and two water cannon trucks owned by the beleaguered government were damaged when the state apparatus turned a peaceful rally into sheer bedlam.

This lawsuit is of course nonsensical because Bersih 3.0 isn't to blame. Bersih protestors showed discipline throughout. And Bersih had total control until tear gas and water cannons were unleashed. As Bersih said, “Once that happened the burden shifted to the police to handle the situation that they had created. The responsibility became theirs. It must be noted that all the reported acts of violence that ensued came only after the tear gas was fired”. Najib, what talking you?

I was tied down for three days (May 21-23, 2012) attending this Sunway University-organized “Outcome Based Education” where Professor Ir. Dr. Hj. Md Azlin and Dr. Norazura Muhammad Bunnori attempted to let us know what OBE is and offer ideas for designing or redesigning academic courses in a manner that is outcome-specific. There were ten of us from SUBS. As for me, it has been a real eye-opener and by Wednesday evening, I was mentally worn out. Mind you, learning program planning, delivery, assessment and evaluation is not as easy as a walk in the park.

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