Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sex and the Technology-obssessed

This is a strange survey that was conducted by Meredith Parents Network, Moms and Media 2 and reported by UK’s The Daily Mail on Thursday. It revealed that 12 percent of American moms use their phones during sex – this technology-obsessed behavior comes from mothers between 18 and 35, dubbed 'Millennial moms'.

Interestingly also, the survey showed that 21 percent of moms use their phones while on the toilet.

Carey Witmer, president of Meredith Parents Network, explained: “Today's moms are media omnivores. They are constantly creating new rules about how and when media intermingles with their busy lives.”

Completed last November and December, the survey looked at a 'nationally representative sample' of 1,041 Millennial moms, with children from infants to age 12.

While the scope of this study is fairly limited, the results seem to echo other findings by cellphones.org that an estimated 15 percent of Americans have interrupted sex to answer a cell phone call.

Perhaps sex has lost its appeal!

I haven’t mentioned this but on Sunday, I was at Mayang Plaza in Petaling Jaya to attend my first Tamil Toastmasters meeting and I had to admit that I was clueless most of the time – except for the session where I was involved. I was the Evaluator for one of three speakers and he was the sole person who delivered his CC speech in English – that was when I gave my feedback. I do believe the Anbu Tamil Toastmasters Club could do with lots of improvements but the members must also be willing to learn and apply. I would give this meeting a score of a 2.5 out of a 10 because at least, they gave a more than decent display of enthusiasm.

Liverpool ended a troubled campaign with another defeat as they go down 1-0 to Swansea City in their final game of the domestic season. I have already started looking at the next season.

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