Monday, May 28, 2012

Malaysians Don't Trust the EC

Independent pollsters Merdeka Center surveyed 1,019 registered voters between April 14 to 26, 2012 and found more than nine in 10 voters in peninsular Malaysia want the electoral roll cleaned up before GE13. In this survey, 48 percent of the respondents agreed that the electoral list was inaccurate and ‘embedded with doubtful voters such as foreigners, people who were transferred without their knowledge or people with multiple identities’; while 44 percent of the respondents expressed confidence that the election process in Malaysia was free from irregularity and abuse.

Bersih should feel vindicated by the above. This explains why more than 200,000 Malaysians gave up their Saturday to be a part of Bersih 3.0.

S Ambiga suggested the Election Commisison (EC) has lost its mandate as an independent body overseeing Malaysia’s electoral process. The Merdeka Center survey proves that public confidence in the EC has sunk to a new low. To put it bluntly, the EC is not doing its job!

Still, only 39 percent of respondents understood Bersih’s key demands. There is a genuine need to educate these Malaysians and Bersih should really conduct outreach programs. Don’t organize information sessions for the converted – please!

It is interesting that the EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar (above photo) has dismissed the survey results. He maintained confidence that voters would not dispute the GE13 outcome or be upset should BN stay in power. Wah, he is so bloody confident BN will be victorious! Or maybe he knows that all that “fixing” will ensure BN wins anyway!?!

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