Monday, August 3, 2009

Only in America

The New York Post today reports that a New York woman has given new meaning to a class-action lawsuit. Trina Thompson, 27, is a Monroe College grad who is seeking to recover $70,000 she spent on tuition because she hasn't found gainful employment since earning her bachelor's degree in information technology in April, according to a suit filed in Bronx Supreme Court on July 24.

The jobless 27-year-old alleges that the college has not done enough to find her a job. Monroe College spokesperson Gary Axelbank said Ms Thompson’s lawsuit was ‘completely without merit”. Only in America…

More on the anti-ISA rally. The Sun estimated a crowd of 15,000 took part in Saturday’s event (August 03, 2009, p 5). What cannot be challenged is the fact that 589 people were arrested – anyway, it is good to know that lawyers from the Legal Aid Bureau and the Bar Council’s Human Rights Committee were at police stations to negotiate their release. And this same newspaper reported that another group of about 120 people who wanted to march in support of the draconian ISA launched their own rally at the same time – although none of the pro-ISA protesters were detained. No need to spew words here - it is already so blatant what is happening now! Fairness flees when PDRM make their presence felt.

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