Saturday, August 29, 2009

Divided Loyalties?

Cocksure Arsenal secured their Champions League spot when they ran out 5-1 winners on aggregate and 3-1 on August 27 after Eduardo, Eboue and Arshavin all netted for the home side. Donati grabbed a late goal to give the Celtic faithful something to cheer about on a controversial night in North London – but controversial or not, Celtic missed the boat to Europe.

Mathew on Tuesday raised the issue about my divided loyalties when he hinted that I am a terribly confused person since I support Celtic, Liverpool, and Arsenal. Let me explain. I support Celtic because this was the first team that I looked up to, when I got acquainted with British football. Having spent the better part of four years in Glasgow, I grew to love the Bhoys, the city and Scotland. And Celtic of course plays in the SPL. Liverpool plays in the EPL, and so, when I chose to support the Reds – to me, at least – there is no conflict of affections. Well, Arsenal is a different story. I love London, truly a global city, and I habitually frequented this megalopolis during my undergraduate years in the UK – and so, the Gunners represent my love for London. But let it be known that if I have to choose between Liverpool and Arsenal – I would pick Liverpool. So here’s somebody giving you a message that is loud and clear, Mathew:

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