Saturday, August 29, 2009

Cow Head Protest in Shah Alam


Yesterday, a disgruntled group of warped protesters who claimed to be aggrieved residents of Shah Alam's Section 23 dumped a severed cow's head outside the Selangor state secretariat. The "residents" asserted that the planned construction of a Hindu temple in a supposedly 90 percent Malay-Muslim neighbourhood was inappropriate and insensitive.

But this time, thankfully, the police were excitedly restrained, unlike their excessive clampdown on other forms of protests that involved Hindraf, Bersih and the anti-ISA coalition. In other words, they just silently stood there and watched with a good measure of respect when the protestors were spitting and kicking the bloodied cow head.

If this is not double-standards, I don't know what is. And it looks like we have also become very intolerant now.

In today’s EPL match, Liverpool won 3-2 against Bolton; the Reds’ goals coming from Johnson (41), Torres (56), and Gerrard (83). Liverpool can count themselves lucky to win they are still not playing like Champions!

The Reds may have been happy to have won but it is an unconvincing win!

HICT’s Indian Arts & Cultural Society – by far, the most active Club in the College – organized Kalakkal Glitz 09. I had promised to attend, and I did.

I must say it was an enjoyable evening of traditional dances and pulsating music. And I enjoyed it! Really! And the other thing that strikes me is how well-organized the event was. Everything was done well, and credit should go to Mahinthan Kumar and company for an excellent job.


CYT said...

three points are three points sir, bolton wanted to win and score badly so that was a good result for Liverpool.


Victor Ong said...

Yes, you are absolutely right - it is still 3 precious points. Let's hope they will play better from now on...