Thursday, August 27, 2009

An Activity-filled Wednesday

Yesterday, I did a 30-minute presentation “What Employers Want” to High School students attending our 2-day HICT-Maxis Holiday Camp – and I daresay I built a good rapport with this small group of 60-plus students. Although the topic was serious, there was still room for the students to laugh and have fun. I was the only HOD doing a presentation, so I guess I must have the ability to entertain, in addition to merely presenting facts and more facts. I enjoyed myself too, if I may add.

Also, in the evening, I dropped in at the MIMPJ Toastmasters Club meeting. I managed to get a speaking slot – and so I did my Speech # 4: Prsenting an Award. I used the Best Male Lecturer 2009 trophy that I won recently as my prop, and even got the participation of DTM S.K. Ratnam to “act” as the recipient of this award. This was a simple speech after all and I did reasonably well. Two speeches back-to-back – not bad, eh? My evaluator was DTM Gina Leong, and she commended me for a speech well done. To quote her: "He (meaning I) followed to the 'T' the objectives of the assignment".

I even took part in the Table Topics session and my topic was “There is nothing to be afraid of”, to which I did rather well. NK Valli, the Table Topic evaluator commented that I started off with humor, and she thought that it was good. Sometimes, I surprised myself - I mean, I didn't know I could be humorous. Haha!

And of course, the news about the Permatang Pasir state seat by-election was as expected. This time, if you believe what the media are saying, there are definite racial undertones in the way one party is campaigning. As The Malaysian Insider pointed out, “if this by-election was to gauge the effectiveness of UMNO’s communal politicking, the results point to only one conclusion: failure”. PAS candidate Mohd Salleh Man, thumped UMNO candidate Rohaizat Othman, with a majority of 4,551 – the former garnered 9,618 votes against the latter’s 5,067. And the defeated candidate had the audacity to hint that his defeat was caused by “the failure of the Chinese community here to fulfill its vows of support” – which is an indirect admission that the race card has not worked its magic for Umno and BN (Webpage htt
p://, accessed August 26, 2009).

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