Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My Best Man's Speech

We had our HICT Toastmasters Club meeting today, and I was again slotted to speak. In fact, there were five of us doing our speaking assignments, and I was glad to see the others finally making progress on their Competent Communicator manual, especially Mathew, Shireen and Alan – all 3 of them doing assignment # 4. Mike Cheang of course was ahead of the others, doing assignment # 7.

I did assignment # 3: "The Roast" from the Special Occasion Speeches, titled “Arun & Ayesha”. Area Governor Allan Gan ACB CL evaluated me and I could catch two remarks he made: “Classy speech” and “infusions of humor’ or something to that effect. I was also happy with my speech this time around, although I didn’t faithfully follow the script that I prepared. This was the first time I wrote out my speech and I even read it aloud four times during a quick lunch break – but alas, I still didn’t quite use the entire speech. Anyway, I am on cloud nine. I know we video-taped the speeches, so we are likely to be able to get to view our individual performances. I am not sure if this is a good idea but I suppose playback has its usefulness. Even now, at this hour, I am feeling really upbeat about my speech.

Early this morning Malaysian time, Liverpool got whipped 1-3 at home by Aston Villa! Oh, what a crying shame! Rafa Benitez put on a very brave front, and explained to BBC radio: “The first 20 minutes we were alright but an own goal and another goal in (first half) extra time and then a penalty when I thought we were playing better and pushing hard, there were too many things against us" (Webpage
http://www.nytimes.com/reuters/2009/08/24/sports/sports-uk-soccer-england.html, retrieved August 25, 2009). I have been really down in the dumps because of this heart-breaking loss, but now that I am on a high after my speech this evening, my disappointment has become somewhat tolerable. A seesaw of emotions really battered me today, but I am a survivor. Liverpool will also survive and the Reds will make a comeback, that's for sure!

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