Saturday, August 1, 2009

I Hate Exams

July-August is a drawn-out period of exams for most of the HICT teaching staff – preparing examination papers, invigilating, marking of examination scripts, and sitting through Board of Examination meetings. This is the tedious and wearisome part of an academic’s job – I don’t know of anybody who enjoys examination time – but it is something that we must go through anyway, like it or not. It is one of my busiest periods because it involves both my programs (i.e. the American Degree Program and the Diploma in Business), progressing one after the other. By the time, I finish this numbing exercise, you can be sure that I would have been transformed into a Klang-loving zombie! Arrggghhhh!

The Malaysian Insider today reported that “police have crushed an anti-ISA rally that turned the capital into a battle zone with tear gas and water cannon while allowing a pro-ISA activist through to the Istana Negara as Nazri Aziz (Minister in the PM’s Department) defiantly said Barisan Nasional will keep the security law as it was ‘necessary’.” Just in case, there are Malaysians who are blissfully ignorant, the ISA is a law that allows for detentions without trial. Why won’t the authorities allow for freedom of expression? Why must they clamp down? What are they so afraid of? Abolish the ISA and return our fundamental rights!

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