Sunday, August 23, 2009

Guinness Guilt

I am feeling a wee bit guilty. I am a Carlsberg drinker – by choice! Besides the fact that Carlsberg is a great beer, it is also because I support Liverpool. Why? Carlsberg is the shirt sponsor of Liverpool FC. So I must confess that last night, while I did crave for a Carlsberg … well, for a whole 6 seconds anyway… I still enjoyed my Guinness nonetheless…

But I know that many people are put off by their first taste of Guinness as the bitter, burnt flavor can take getting used to. Guinness is an acquired taste. I remembered my first drink of Guinness, and it tasted horrible. After that, I resisted the urge to drink it again – all the while preferring my beer. I recalled a Bentong friend, mixing Guinness and Anchor (those days, Anchor was a big beer brand) – to make it easier to drink, and gradually, I could drink the stout beer on its own. In fact, these days, I quite enjoy Guinness, particularly ice-cold Guinness. Actually, all it takes is to ignore that initial shock of bitterness from the first sip, but once you let the creamy goodness envelop your palate – the stout just flows smoothly down your parched throat and you can fully savor the full-bodied taste of Guinness. Well, at least, that’s what I experience anyway.

Okay, to assuage any residue of guilt feelings that I might still have as a result of my Guinness indulgence yesterday – I am posting two of my favorite Carlsberg commercials:

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