Sunday, April 25, 2021

Sanjanaa Kanthan Rocks

On March 25, I had featured in my blog, this seven-year-old Sabahan (left) whose World Speech Day speech made the WSD universe sit up and go gaga.

Let me tell you that in just 35 days after the said video got published on YouTube – check out our dedicated channel “WSD with CV Plus” – Sanjanaa Kanthan’s 2:38 clip has already gained more than 1,800 eyeballs! We’re in awe. We’re bowled over. We’re impressed. 

Not to mention, WSD founder, Simon Gibson's video is doing well too – his 4:05 effort has logged 1,107 views! 

Altogether, CV+ can boast of six speakers who have all managed to rake up more than a thousand views for their respective videos.

We stand to be corrected – but we don’t think there are any WSD videos out there that have secured that many views!

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