Friday, January 27, 2017

Foul Fowl

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This is a foul fowl! A farmer who fancies himself as an artist has created a jumbo rooster to celebrate the Lunar New Year.
Mikhail Bopposov from the village of Uolba in north-eastern Russia’s Sakha Republic used frozen poo. Yes, you read it right! Frosted shit.
He claims that his manure sculpture – measuring 11.5 feet tall and nearly 14 feet long – is sturdy enough to even support the weight of an adult man.
Villagers have been taking selfies of themselves with this new addition to their community.
One person remarked: “I wonder if he is okay working with such material, he must stink a LOT”.
Another added: “After it melts in the spring, farmers will be able to reuse it as fertilizer. Very sustainable, good job!”  

Yesterday, I went to two Toastmasters meetings.

First was the IJM Toastmasters meeting in Jalan Yong Shook Lin in PJ - where I did an invocation speech as well as took up the role of Table Topics Evaluator.

Second was the Metro Toastmasters meeting in Jalan Sungai Besi in KL - where again, I took up two roles, i.e. General Evaluator and as project speaker.

My 523rd assignment speech was a CC #5 titled "Pleasurable Pain".


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