Thursday, January 19, 2017

The Death Crawl

Watch this video – it really inspires!

From the 2006 movie “Facing the Giants” – this video clip shows a pivotal scene where Coach Taylor challenges a player named Brock to give his very best to galvanize his team.

In the scene, the latter had to go on all fours with another player on his back. 

Brock is blindfolded and his coach encourages and pushes him as he plods across the field. At the end, an exhausted Brock tears off his blindfold to see that he has crawled 100 yards – the length of the football field.
On Tuesday, I was at Wisma WIM at No. 7, Jalan Abang Haji Openg in Taman Tun Dr Ismail, KL. I was there for the Metropolitan Bilingual Toastmasters meeting and we celebrated the Lunar New Year. Early, if I may add.


I definitely didn't expect it but we even did the ‘Chicken Dance’ – after all, it is going to be the Year of the Rooster.

We had "yee sang" ('raw fish salad' or I like to call it the 'Prosperity Toss').

And we received a mandarin orange and an "ang pow" ('red packet').


Even Caishen (simplified Chinese: 财神; traditional Chinese: 財神; literally: "God of Wealth") made an appearance! Usually dressed in the style of a Chinese Mandarin official and in red, he holds symbols of wealth such as a gold ingot or the Ruyi, a sceptre stylised as a celestial fungus. 

I was there because Lawrence Fung was kind enough to let me have a speaking slot and I had gratefully accepted. I also agreed to take up the role of General Evaluator.
My speech was a CC #8 titled “The Color Red”. This was my Project Speech #518, CC Round #40.

I was voted Best Speaker.

Overall, it was a most enjoyable meeting!
And two more speeches before I successfully complete the Competent Communication manuals.

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