Sunday, January 29, 2017

Good Riddance to Barack Obama

The US of A is in for interesting times.  

Barack Obama (left) has vacated the White House. Goodbye and good riddance!
This man became president riding on a massive groundswell of hope – and yet, in the end, he distressingly disappoints.
He is not much of a politician either. He has left his Democratic Party in a sorry state of dispirited disrepair.
The Democrats have lost Congress. They have been decimated in state legislatures. Even their hoped-for liberal majority on the Supreme Court was blocked. And now the presidency is gone, as well.
Democrats face a tough challenge in the days and years ahead. They have to find a leader for their national committee – resolving an ideological battle between left-wing populists and those who obstinately preach continued Obama-style of lethargy politics, even if it centers around moderation and incrementalism.
One BBC News headline says it all: “Obama leaves Democrats flailing in abyss”.
Thank you, Obama – you sure did a fantastic job!

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Yesterday, Liverpool again succumbed to an inglorious 1-2 defeat to Wolverhampton Wanderers in the FA Cup fourth round. Elimination.

I am too stunned to comment.

As Jurgen Klopp said: "I'm angry but that's not enough".

And for the first time under him, the Reds lost three games on the trot.

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