Friday, January 20, 2017

Medieval Terengganu Beckons

On Monday, Malay daily Sinar Harian reported that JHEAT (Terengganu Religious Affairs Department) nabbed 26 unmarried Muslim couples for riding motorcycles together under Ops Bonceng last week, over the offence of “immoral act in public”.

In a report by the Star, JHEAT commissioner Wan Mohd Wan Ibrahim had warned those riding pillion against putting their hands into the jacket pocket of their partner, hugging and leaning against each other, and sitting too closely on motorcycles.

According to him, such actions could lead to sex and subsequently pregnancies out of wedlock. And I didn't even know this!

JHEAT chief assistant commissioner (enforcement) Nik Zulhaiza Ismail told Malay Mail  Online's sister publication ProjekMMO on Wednesday that it was considering extending the enforcement against unmarried Muslim couples from motorcycle riders to those in cars, but admitted that religious officers would not be able to observe Muslims in cars.

I don’t even want to comment on this.

I am just glad I am not a Muslim, more so in medieval Terengganu. It looks like a section of the population wants to retreat into the Dark Ages.

Yesterday, I was on Level 57 in Tower 2 of the Petronas Twin Towers – to attend the Pesona Toastmasters meeting.

I was not only the General Evaluator but I also had the opportunity to speak. I presented my CC #7 titled “I Love My Body”.

In case we are not on the same page – let me educate you here. I enlightened my audience that the human body is edible.

In fact, I quoted mainly J Cole’s 2006 research paper "Prehistoric Cannibalism: An Act of Nutritional Necessity or a Result of Socio-Cultural Conditions?"

I even informed my audience that a thigh has 10,707 calories, a heart 722 calories, skin 8,294 calories, and so on. All told, if you eat a grown man, you'll consume 81,472 calories.

I don’t know why but suddenly, I am hungry!

And as far as my status on my speech progress – I have only one speech remaining.

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