Monday, January 2, 2017

Re-visiting The HELP for Haiti Project 2010

Today, I was reminded of a little discussion in 2010 that I had with a small group of my students during the time I was lecturing at HICT (A HELP institution now known as HELP College of Arts & Technology) – and we came up with a fund-raising idea that turned out to be very meaningful for those involved.

We also raised a decent amount of money that we surrendered to UNICEF.

This video was one outcome. It sure brings back fond memories!

If you wish to know more - check out the actual blogpost at

What was special was that students on the Southern New Hampshire University program who became deeply involved in this project, showed how much they cared!

And it was not just about the amount of money they raised but the time they put in. Precious time.

I challenge you to ask yourself – how much time do you devote to doing good?

I am glad I had a part in this small project.

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