Monday, January 30, 2017

The Trump Wall

We are all aware that Donald Trump (left) has little love for Mexicans.

And he doesn't care a hoot about rubbing them the wrong way either.
Since day one of his presidential campaign, Trump had demonstrated his racist and xenophobic tendencies.

On June 16, 2015, Trump had labeled immigrants from Mexico "rapists" and criminals.

A couple of weeks later, he told CNN that Mexican immigrants were "killers" too.

In August of that year, he claimed that Mexican officials actually "send the bad ones" to the US of A. For the simple reason that their government didn’t want to pay for them; they didn't want to take care of them.

And now, Trump is going ahead to build a border wall between the US and Mexico – ostensibly to stop the latter's citizens from crossing into the former's territory.

On Wednesday, he signed an executive order authorizing construction of the said wall. 

[Note: Both the countries share a common border of about 2,000-miles (3,200-km)].

Michael McCaul, the Republican chairperson of the House homeland security committee, explained that the wall would be less bricks and mortar and more a “myriad of assets”, including fencing and drones.

He maintained: “It’s not going to be a 2,000-mile Chinese wall”.

The Great Wall of China – its total length is 13,170.69 miles (21,196.18 kilometers) – as announced by China's State Administration of Cultural Relics in 2012. Image credit:

Actually, there are plenty of walls already along 653 miles, or roughly a third of the total border, to be precise. That is a 444 percent increase from 2005, according to the Washington Office on Latin America. About 1,317 miles have no fencing but the Rio Grande (or Rio Bravo to the Mexicans), accounts for much of that.

Even if the whole stretch is indeed, a wall it will only be a puny wall. What's the big deal, eh?

And if the wall is built, I don’t believe the Mexicans are going to take it lying down. Methinks, if the Americans go ‘high’, their neighbors can go ‘underneath’ – with tunnels. LOL!

The issue isn’t just about a wall, but also the potential mass deportation of immigrants and a renegotiation of the 23-year-old NAFTA deal that has transformed Mexico into an open, export-oriented manufacturing powerhouse – have shaken the bilateral relationship to its core.

I expect the Mexicans to be riled up. If they aren't already.

And maybe, LEGO can start selling a LEGO Build Your Own Trump Wall Creative Building Set – so Trump supporters can build their own wall too.

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