Monday, September 30, 2013

Tanda Putera Bombs

That shameful and scandalous film called Tanda Putera could not even muster enough Malay support. And so it bombed at the box office – its takings were a miserly RM930,000 after 25 days in the cinemas.

Made at a huge cost of RM4.7 million, this work of fiction disguised as history is said to have earned a loss of approximately RM3.77 million. Political support from UMNO and other nationalist groups couldn’t salvage it despite trying so hard.

On the other hand, the Malays can’t have enough of zombie movies and ‘KL Zombi’, which like Tanda Putera began screening on August 29 was able to rake in RM2.93 million for the same period. This flick which has elements of action, comedy and horror only cost RM1.8 million (less than half of Tanda Putera's production cost), and it is still screening in the cinemas.

On Thursday, I was at the Satu Hati Toastmasters meeting and I was also the General Evaluator. The meeting was much better organized this time around and even the speeches and evaluations had improved significantly. It was a good meeting and I would score it a 7 over 10.


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