Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The iPhones 5S & 5C

Apple has unveiled two new iPhones this month. One is an update to its high-end smartphone called the iPhone 5S, an aluminium-clad powerhouse in gold, silver and space grey and the other is a lower-cost version available in five vibrant colors, i.e. white, pink, yellow, blue and green called the 5C designed to supposedly appeal to price-conscious buyers in emerging markets. 

With iPhones 5C and 5S, Apple is wanting to have it both ways. It desires to give the growing mid-range market a product that feels fresh, maybe at even higher profit margins than before. At the same time, Apple aspires to make a clear argument for spending more on the high-end iPhone.

Still there are the multitudes out there who are not acquainted with the above gadgets and so, Los Angeles-based comedian David So has created a parody announcement video of Apple’s iPhone 5S with the built-in fingerprint sensor and the colorful plastic iPhone 5C. 
Non-Apple fans may drone the tired line that the latest iPhone is just a minor improvement, and of course, Apple fans will maintain that the company doesn’t need to reinvent the iPhone every year. 

Actually, it’s not important which side of the divide you are on because as far as Apple fans are concerned, they know exactly what they want.

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