Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Posterior Art

Cheryl Cole has two songs that I am in love with and I am sharing them here:
And now that you are acquainted with Cole, did you know that she had her backside tattooed? I have just one word to describe it: Gorgeous!

Photograph: nikkohurtado/Instagram 

The image of her colorful bum entirely covered in a tattoo of intertwined roses was uploaded onto Instagram on August 24, 2013 by California-based tattoo artist Nikko Hurtado. 

It's easy to have a tongue in (ahem) cheek approach to looking at this needlework – it was reported to take 15 hours to complete the illustration that covers her lower back and bottom – but the fascinated and often aggressive reactions to Cole's choice say a lot about contemporary society, celebrity and ideas of femininity. 

The public response to her personal choice is reflective of our desire to criticize and consume celebrity bodies. Like the tattoo or not, it is a very direct way for Cole to reclaim her body as her own, and she is following a growing trend for tattoos on women in western culture.

As Dutch tattoo artist Angelique Houtkamp told British Vogue in 2008: "It used to be that women got smaller, dainty tattoos and now they go for bolder and bigger images. I feel it is very much part of women's desire to adorn themselves. Much like jewelry and clothes."

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