Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Godzilla Creation

I saw this Japanese creation and I am sharing this with everybody. A home-delivered pizza chain, Pizza Little Party in Kyoto started selling a Godzilla of a burger-like pizza on September 01, 2013 and it will be sold for only three months. It is actually a 400g patty with onions, pickles, meat sauce, et cetera and sandwiched between two 27cm diameter cheesy pizza crusts as buns. It is priced at 2,580 yen and it’s called "Mega Burger Pizza". 

Photo by SankeiBiz 

Just looking at it and I am hungry!

Last Thursday was our Sunway University Toastmasters meeting and I had looked forward to it because I knew our meetings have quality – in both speeches and evaluations. And this meeting was especially special because we would decide on our two club reps who would be competing in the Area B6 Humorous Speech & Speech Evaluation Contests. I was happy that we found our two contestants, Mirosha Somasundram for the Humorous Speech and Sharif Ahmed for the Speech Evaluation. They will give their challengers a run for their money – that I am confident! It was a good meeting overall and I am giving it a score of an 8 over 10. 

BTW, the club received its first ribbon from Toastmasters International! 

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