Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yellow Rubber Duck Has Plastic Surgery

A combo photo shows the changes – before and after – made to the duck in Beijing

Since September 06, 2013, the giant yellow Rubber Duck that was seen in Hong Kong in May of this year has turned up in Beijing, China. But many visitors to the ninth China (Beijing) International Garden Expo in Fengtai district were carping, griping and quibbling at not only having to purchase entrance tickets to the venue – 100 yuan ($16/RM54.38) per admission – but that the duck itself wasn’t looking too good. It had a drooping beak and wrinkled skin, which some said made it look like a chicken. Others even alleged that it wasn’t as plump as it was before.

[Since its debut in 2007, the yellow duck has travelled to many destinations including Sao Paulo, Auckland, Hasselt, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sydney and Hong Kong. The largest version at 26 meters was showcased in St Nazaire, France].

The disgruntled looking 18-meter-tall duck soon became a hot topic on the popular microblogging service, SinaWeibo. “He must have disguised himself as a chicken so that he won’t be taken away by Quanjude,” one Internet user said in jest. Quanjude is China’s most famous restaurant chain that serves Beijing roast duck.

Anyway, the duck had to undergo "plastic surgery" and it is now looking great (right picture). The agency in charge of the duck's copyright import said it organized a maintenance team of more than 10 people, deflated the duck overnight and stitched about 200 pieces of material around the beak.

The inflatable duck is scheduled to be on display there until September 23, before it is relocated to the Summer Palace in the Haidian district, where it will stay till October 26. 

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