Thursday, August 5, 2021

Peranakan Culture Through Tan Gaik Hoon's Art

The Peranakan culture is an ornate tapestry of cloistered customs and lavish traditions that exemplifies the refined lifestyles of the Babas and Nyonyas. It is a discriminating fabric of stylish sophistication that is a quaint fusion of Chinese and Malay.

And Tan Gaik Hoon's intricate brushstrokes bring out the pictorial elegance of a long-standing culture. She has put together a discerning collection of acrylic paintings that are time-honoured works of august resplendence. 

Any one of her creations is indeed, a prodigious brocade of harmonious forms and congenial colors that are delicately woven together into a sublime work of art. 

The former art teacher presents a treasure trove of eye-catching gems that showcases the stunning opulence of everything Peranakan. 

Tan (right) adroitly daubs and gingerly smears the canvas with precise bursts of enthusiasm and deliberate flourishes of earnestness and these splashes of twirls, swirls and whirls transform into an objet d'art. That’s because her abundant passion happily overflows as she dishes out generous dollops of paint to zhuzh up her art. 

And it is seen in all of her paintings. The immaculate care she gives to her compositions is an expression of her deep love of art and Peranakan culture.

Note: For any enquiries please go to her Facebook page, "Tan Gaik Hoon's Paintings” and leave her a message.

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