Sunday, May 19, 2019

Vote I Die or I Live

A teenager was found dead, believed to have fallen from the third floor of a shophouse in Kuching, Sarawak after she sought advice from netizens to decide if she should kill herself or not. 

She did find her answer. As many as 69% of the sixteen-year-old’s followers on Instagram had supported the decision for her to die via a “Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L” poll, which was uploaded at around 3 PM on Tuesday. [Note: "D" is "die" while "L" is "live"].

Davia Emilia’s body was discovered at about 8 PM that day itself.

The teen had also uploaded a Facebook status that read: ‘WANNA QUIT F**KING LIFE I’M TIRED’. 

According to the police, the girl was believed to have felt stressed when her stepfather married a Vietnamese woman and seldom returned to their home. 

She wasn’t the only one who decided to kill herself. 

That day too, a Taylor’s University student in peninsular Malaysia had committed suicide. 

Eight days earlier, another student from the same university did the same. 

In the wake of the two deaths, the tertiary institution even hastily organized a grief counselling session and talk entitled ‘Suicide and Mental Health’ on Wednesday. 

According to their official Facebook page, the session will touch on topics such as self-care, recognizing signs of depression and stress, and what to do when a friend or family member expresses suicidal thoughts. And of course, making available counsellors. 

It's time we stop treating suicide as a taboo subject. And I’ve said it many times. We are not pro-active enough in our endeavours to help troubled students. 

Mental health is an issue that must be urgently tackled; enough of talk shops lah

Be more open about sharing practical advice and breaking down the barriers young people face when talking about their troubles. More importantly, learn to look out for the kids with mental health issues and reach out to them. 

Believe me, it can help save lives!

There are not a few out there who look at life very differently:

And there are the rest of them who are clueless about these very people. 

I ask you, how can you help them if you cannot feel as they feel? You cannot imagine how frightening it is to possess a drowning sense of foreboding, acute anxiety and oppression. It does seem like all is lost.

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