Wednesday, May 29, 2019

In Singapore, Don’t Play Play!

When in Singapore, don’t play play! Not like Malaysia, everything “boleh” (can).  

The city-state is known for being super strict and strait-laced. 

I’m sure everybody knows about the chewing gum ban. The penalty for the selling of gum (with the exception of therapeutic, dental or nicotine chewing gum which can be purchased only from a doctor or registered pharmacist) is a S$100,000 fine or a prison sentence of up to 2 years. 

(But it is not as draconian as it is made out to be – it is NOT illegal to chew gum in Singapore).

There are other Don’ts too. 

You are not allowed to feed pigeons. Otherwise, get ready to pay a S$500 fine. 

You cannot be naked in your own house even – unless the curtains are drawn. Otherwise, you can be levied a S$2,000 fine, 3 months jail or both. Both being nude in public and being nude in a private place where you are exposed to the public eye are considered ‘public nuisance’ offences. 

If you play a musical instrument in a public place and someone gets annoyed – this can be an offence that includes a fine of up to S$1,000. 

If you’re caught singing ‘dirty’ (obscene songs or songs peppered with obscene lyrics) in a public place, you’ll face imprisonment of up to 3 months, a fine, or both. 

Graffiti is not considered art in Singapore. You can be arrested and caned. 

On Monday, the National Environment Agency said they fined a Singaporean S$300 after he shot two rubber bands that landed on a public road. 

The incident was labelled as littering and it happened last Thursday at Jurong East Central 1 at around noon time.

A photo of the S$300 ticket issued by NEA for the littering offence – that was posted on social media. Image credit: Twitter/khrluffy 

NEA did explain: “We would like to remind the public that littering has environmental consequences, and keeping our environment clean by not littering is a gracious and socially responsible thing to do”.

You can’t argue with that!

Yesterday, I was at the Kelab Shah Alam Selangor in Jalan Aerobik 43 in Seksyen 13, Shah Alam, Selangor. And I was there to present my CC #8 Get Comfortable with Visual Aids speech titled The Projectile – this is for my Competent Communication award #57:

I was also a speech evaluator for a CC#10 speech – and I was voted Best Evaluator (again).

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