Friday, May 10, 2019

A Cockroach Stops Rodrigo Duterte

Oftentimes when somebody is giving a long, long speech – you can be forgiven if you harbor the thought that he or she just love the sound of his or her own voice until he or she doesn’t know when to stop. And your ears are already getting tired. 

And that was what happened to Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday when in Bohol, Philippines – he gave a speech that went on and on and on. Almost approaching an hour and a half and there was no sign of him stopping. 

Then, as if in answer to many prayers – he did just that. He stopped speaking.

A cockroach had suddenly landed on his back and crept boldly to his front. 

And it received the President’s full attention. That’s when Duterte decided to take matters into his own hands – and he flicked the insect off his body. 

Afterward, he continued his speech as if nothing had happened – but I think he went on for just awhile. 

I put this down to divine intervention! 

Anyway, Duterte being Duterte couldn’t let the opportunity pass without infusing his brand of mocking humor in Bisaya. 

“Liberal ‘yan. Sigurado na ‘yan, klaro sa likod”, Duterte said of the cockroach. He had joked that the bug belonged to the opposition. 

I was puzzled as to why he would say such a thing. To have the roach on your side is a good thing. After all, roaches are survivors and that fact in itself implied that the opposition are here to stay and therefore, they can be expected to give the Philippine president a hard time. 

Didn’t he know that cockroaches have been on the planet for 300 million years, even longer than humans? 

I am sharing this story because a big macho tough guy like Duterte can be stopped in his tracks by a bug. LOL! 

Yesterday, I was at the IJM Toastmasters meeting – the day before, I had received an SOS from Winston Soh Wai Seng, the club president who had requested me to evaluate a senior member Ramesh Subramaniam.

He presented an intriguing “Addressing the Opposition” speech from the Persuasive Speaking manual titled Have a Pot and Be Happy. Certainly, a controversial topic, if I may add.

BTW, I was voted Best Evaluator.

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