Friday, May 3, 2019

Drunk on Durians

You need not imbibe in alcohol in order to be labelled a drunk. 

Durians can do the job equally well. 

Yes, you've read it correctly. Durians.

According to Chinese video website Pear Video, an unnamed man in Rudong county, in the eastern province of Jiangsu, was pulled over by the police on April 17, 2019 for suspected drunk-driving. 

He had failed his breathalyser test – but was filmed by police protesting: "I've just eaten durian fruit!" 

A follow-up blood test proved that there was no alcohol in his system, putting him in the clear. 

But it also prompted local police to subsequently carry out tests themselves, to ascertain the legitimacy of the man's claims. 

A police officer measured his blood alcohol level after eating durians and found the recording was 36 mg per 100 ml. Image credit: Screengrab from N 

Pear Video showed an April 29 investigation whereby a police officer being breathalysed after eating some durians – and confirmed that his alcohol level directly after eating the fruit was 36 mg per 100 ml.

The legal limit for blood alcohol concentration in China is 0.02% which is roughly 20 mg per 100 ml. 

In the same Pear Video clip, viewers were also warned against other products that could similarly result in a positive breathalyser result, such as mouthwash and lychee.

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