Thursday, December 20, 2012

Apple Loses Bid to Ban Samsung

There is a lot of pressure on Apple to bring new magical devices to the market, and that hasn’t materialized. For sure, the company needs breakthrough products to fend off rivals Google Inc. and Samsung Electronics Co.

Ardent Apple fans may deny it but the latest iPhone and iPad mini are incremental improvements on previous devices. And what is alarming is that the iPhone and iPad sales may not meet projections and during this holiday season – typically Apple’s most lucrative – that may just spell trouble for the company because the two products are its largest sources of revenue and profit. A slowdown in demand would bode ill for growth prospects.

The company’s shares have dropped more than 25% from a September record amid speculation the iPhone is saturating the market, ratcheting up pressure on Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook.

What’s more, late Monday, in the latest stage of the complex legal battle between Apple and Samsung, Judge Lucy Koh of U.S. District Court in California delivered a mixed verdict, i.e. Samsung may have ripped off Apple's patents when it made some of its smartphones but that doesn't mean it should be banned in the US of A. Koh evidently found it hard to swallow the idea that Apple would suffer irreparable harm from the sale of 26 Samsung devices the tech titan wants struck from store shelves. Koh had already previously declined to issue an injunction against the devices being sold at the start of the trial. Anyway, many of the products are no longer on the market.

Whatever it is, the duel between the two tech behemoths will continue. Apple and Samsung are expected to face off in yet another battle in the same court sometime next year in a suit filed by the fomer in August aimed at the Galaxy S III smartphone. Apple is not giving up and neither is Samsung.

I made a brief mention about the Youth Leadership Program organized by Taman Indrahana Toastmasters Club in my blog dated December 05, 2012 that I participated in. On Tuesday and Wednesday, yet another YLP was organized by the MAS Toastmasters Clubs at the MAS Training Academy in Kelana Jaya. I was a Presenter on the “How to Evaluate” segment on the first day and I even mentored a group of four participants as these photos show:

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