Thursday, December 13, 2012

Invigilation Trivia

It's that time of the year again  exams! Sigh!

I remember reading that invigilation is possibly one of the most boring jobs ever known to mankind. I don’t think it is an exaggeration at all if you have expereicned personally the pleasures it brings to you – the mind-numbing tedium of pacing up and down an examination room while handing out the occasional sheet of paper is hard to describe.

Anyway today, it is my turn again for our bi-annual examination diets. This time, I decided to keep my mind occupied – and I succeeded to produce the trivia below.

Out of the 76 candidates who came for the exam (it's a first sem, first year paper) in Room NE 3-(9-11), the following is evident:

• 29% of this particular set of candidates are “repeat” students
• 95% are Malaysians, of which 92% are Chinese, 5% are Indians and 3% are Malays 3%
• 63% are women
• 11% are left-handers
• 59% are bespectacled
• 41% possess timepieces
• 4% wore SUBS T-shirts; another 4% wore Sunway University T-shirts
• 34% came in slippers and sandals
• 75% brought along their water bottles

I just have to do something to lessen the excruciating boredom of invigilation. Am I alone feeling this way, I wonder?

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