Sunday, December 30, 2012

Hunger Strike @ Dataran Merdeka

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Anti-Lynas activists protesting at Dataran Merdeka slept under the stars to avoid being booked under City Hall by-laws. Moree Ngai, an organizing member of Malaysian Youth Against Public Hazards (MYAP) said that she and her 23 colleagues began their 100-hour hunger strike at the iconic square without protection from the elements from Thursday. The purpose is to pressure the authorities to withdraw the temporary operating licence issued to Lynas for its rare earth plant in Gebeng. MYAP is also demanding the public release of a detailed report on the environment impact assessment done on the plant.

Yesterday I attended my 200th Toastmasters meeting for 2012! And at the MIMKL meeting, I completed my CC speech # 10 titled “Be Angry” – which was my seventh round of the Competent Communication manual. I even won two ribbons, one for Best Table Topics Speaker and the other Best Project Speaker. It was a smallish meeting because there were only eighteen of us. Still, I would give this meeting a score of an 8 out of a 10.

Maybe in 2013, I should do my CC manual again – my eighth, ninth and tenth rounds?! And I should endeavor to complete the ten speeches in the CC manual in one hundred days or less. In my previous seven attempts, I took between 217 and 422 days. I just love the challenge – merely thinking about doing a speech gives me an adrenalin rush!.

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